Student-led Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) allow students with disabilities to take a meaningful role in the special education planning process. Students who actively participate throughout the IEP and/or transition planning process are more likely to be engaged in school and successfully achieve their goals. Explore the resources below for information and examples of how DC schools are empowering students to get involved in the IEP process.

OSSE Self-Determination Film Series

Self-determination, or the ability for a youth to direct his or her own life, is a critical skill that all students with disabilities need for success in school and in life. Discover OSSE’s new Self-Determination Film Series to see examples of how schools and families are supporting self-determination skill development at home, in the classroom, and throughout the special education planning process.

Student-led IEP Toolkit

The Student-led IEP Toolkit is an online resource that supplements the OSSE Self-Determination Film Series and is aligned with the five film modules from The Best Me I Can Be. The toolkit provides detailed instructions, tools, and resources for students, teachers/schools, and parents. Within each module, you will find the following information:

  • A description of why this step in the process is important
  • A description of how to assist the student to accomplish this step
  • A list of tools, resources, and activities
  • An inspiration page with recommendations and tips

To learn more about how to help students to meaningfully participate throughout the IEP process, access the Student-led IEP Toolkit online by clicking HERE.