OSSE Self-Determination Film Series

The Best Me I Can Be

The Best Me I Can Be highlights the efforts of DC students, parents, and schools to increase the involvement of youth with disabilities in their Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and prepare them to take a more active role in planning for their futures. The five film modules show how involving students in the IEP process increases student engagement, empowers students to achieve their goals, and prepares youth to successfully transition to adulthood.

Get Started Now: Talking About Disabilities

This film shows teachers and students working together in the classroom to explore who they are as individuals in terms of their preferences, strengths, interests, and needs. When students learn self-determination skills and are encouraged to talk about their disabilities with their peers, parents, and teachers, they take important steps toward achieving their goals.

Let’s Talk About It: A Family Perspective

This film features conversations among DC parents who share personal experiences of talking with their children about their disabilities. The film explores the diverse approaches families take to support their students to become involved in the IEP process, set goals for the future, and develop self-advocacy skills.